Our Mission is to support Waldorf Schools in Africa to successfully educate students in reading, writing, arts, sciences and handwork. We want to raise awareness in America about the positive and all-encompassing benefits that Waldorf Education brings to Africa.  Every dollar donated will go directly to Africa to continue our successful work all over the continent. Thank You for your interest and contribution!Waldorf.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
Our Challenge is that with all the negative news coming out of Africa, it is most important to share about Africa’s beautiful side, the stories of people and projects that are effective and successful so we are enticed and encouraged to continue to help educate thousands of children and prospective teachers in new ways all over Africa. 
The following poem expresses some of the qualities this education has to offer: 
Joy for life, inquisitiveness, readiness for new unchartered vistas, trust and respect between teacher and child.
Schools, where the creativity of the mind is enhanced. 
Social cohesiveness between students, teachers and parents. 
In short, an education towards free-dom, towards a sustainable future for all people, and all continents on this inimitable planet earth.Get_Involved.htmlGet_Involved.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
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Social Initiative Forum
Spiritual Striving and Social Action in the World 
in the face of so much hurt

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