Finally in 2011 our wish will come true that Waldorf schools all over the world will engage themselves in reaching out to the Waldorf schools and initiatives, who were started out of the goodness of heart of individuals and the knowledge that Waldorf education is meant for all, also for the less privileged, the orphans and street children, those affected with leprosy or AIDS, or those  traumatized by natural disasters like earthquakes.

    Since the first Waldorf School was founded in 1919, the Waldorf School Movement has grown to over 1000 schools and 1500 related initiatives on five continents. While all schools, also in this country face their own challenges, some schools are struggling in the midst of social chaos and numbing poverty.

     Since 1971 the Friends of Waldorf Education in Germany ( has been helping initiatives in the developing world. In 1984 they established for the first time the WOW-DAY (Waldorf One World Day) whereby students of schools in Europe would raise funds to support designated Waldorf projects in the poorest countries. The Waldorf-One-World Day has been very successful. One day a year students from classes 1 to 12 would get a day off from school to try and earn money for a deserving social project of their choice. We know that Waldorf students can be very creative and so it was possible that at the 15th Anniversary of WOW-DAY 227 schools in 20 European countries participated, collecting € 1.186.893 for children in 9 different countries. Besides providing material support, it also linked schools and students in Europe to their counterparts in the third world. It does make a difference, as much for the receivers as for the givers. In addition to being a student of one local school, students start to feel part of a much wider Waldorf-Family.

     In the year 2011 we will also celebrate the 150 Birthday of Rudolf Steiner. So 2011 was chosen and especially Michaelmas Day (September 27) for all the students of those schools (who decided to participate) to establish the first International Wow-Day. The idea had been introduced in June 2009 in Portland Oregon at the Delegates Meeting and the response to the announcement was positive and encouraging. This website is designed to help you learn more about Wow-Day and to see how easy it is for your school to join in this. As we proceed in time, more details will be given

      The Center for the Art of Living (since 1993) and WeStrive are both non-profit organizations and have offered to be the conduit, through which monies can be channeled via the Freunde to the designated projects for the International Waldorf-One-World Initiative.


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