The Inkanyezi Waldorf School

The Inkanyezi Waldorf Centre just celebrated it 21. Birthday. Remarkable when one realizes that this school – now with some 350 pupils – is located in one of the worst slums in Johannesburg. All teachers are Waldorf trained and receive ongoing Waldorf training. The parents demand that the school expands into having an 8th and a 9th grade. A Dutch Trainer/Mentor supervises the development of the school and envisages also a practical stream for the near future. The amazing two-storey building was a gift from the German government. Inkanyezi needs two more class rooms and a Multi-purpose Hall, which can also be rented out for broader community events.

Price Tag for Class room:   $50K

Price Tag for Auditorium:  $120K

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The Lesedi Waldorf School

Located in a rural area, 4 hours north of Johannesburg, started some 21 years ago. The school has some 192 pupils, 80 of whom are boarding.  There is so much poverty in the area, that it is always a struggle to pay the dedicated and well-trained teachers. They often had to go without any salary. The school went through a very traumatic situation where they lost their founder and one teacher in a fatal car accident. The third teacher is back after spending three months in hospital. Also one of the white trainers lost her life in that accident. It is so remarkable to have such a successful school in a very conservative area. Even the teachers of the Government school send their children to Lesedi. When their main sponsor, a German doctor who gave up his praxis in Germany, to start a local clinic on the grounds of the Lesedi School died of cancer, the school fell into even harder times.

Price Tag: $12,000 for sports equipment

and school materials

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The Teacher Training Program in Kenya

Waldorf for Africa has taken on the support of one Kenyan woman to study Eurythmy in Cape Town. Elizabeth Achieng’ Wandolo writes in her motivational letter: “I have a fundamental urge to study Eurythmy as we have no trained Eurythmists in East Africa. I want to work with these basic human gestures to help children in my community to lead healthy and balanced lives”.   (Photos)

Price Tag:  $300 a month for a 3 year

total of $ $10,800

The Teacher Mentoring Program in Kenya

We have many qualified teachers in African Schools who are now working full time as class teachers or specialty subject teachers however they still need ongoing mentoring, support and advice. This Program trains teachers to become mentors for other teachers. The Program duration is one year. Our pilot project has started with our star pupil Sarah Munyua. $2,000 will cover the cost of one year.

Price Tag:  $2,000/yr

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