Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners

We are in deep admiration for the work of “Die Freunde” (“Friends of the Art of Education”) as often referred to in Germany ( They support and promote Waldorf and Curative Education Initiatives in all parts of the world. So far, 227 Waldorf schools in 20 European countries have participated in yearly WOW-Days (Waldorf One World), collecting € 1,186,893 for children in 9 different countries. The Waldorf School in Sierra Leone with 200 pupils, all very poor and traumatized, is one among many other recipients of these funds.

The Federation of Waldorf Schools in South Africa

is also becoming a major role-player in the Public Education Sector in South Africa. They oversee the quality of education in 17 Waldorf Schools and scores of Kindergartens, often located in underprivileged areas.

The Centre for Creative Education

The Waldorf Teacher Training program as well as the Eurythmy Training Course are fully state-accredited, offering students a Bachelors degree upon completion. Many students are enrolled in and have completed over the years their Childhood Practitioner Training. The Centre has also held Distant Learning Modules in Kenya for some 50 teachers and kinder-garten teachers from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

An extension of the work in East Africa is needed:

  1. To provide a training-the-trainers program

  2. To create special training manuals and study texts urgently needed for these teachers, for whom English is a second language

  3. To increase the mentoring program to mentor teachers in their classrooms

  4. To evaluate the effects of the program on its participants as a University Research Project

RSF Social Finance in San Francisco, where the Center for the Art of Living has had a receiving account for many years.

Het Internationaal Hulp Fonds in the Netherlands, helping many Third World Waldorf initiatives and Schools for the Handicapped (

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